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Khalsa Camp Europe 2021 – Highlights

Preface These highlights provide an in-depth view of the Khalsa Camp Europe experience. As you can see the camp provides a mixed experience of spirituality, knowledge, and fun! All the campers enjoyed their stay at the Camp and it has been a life-changing experience for many of them! Are you interested in experiencing something similar?
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Khalsa Camp Europe 2019 – Pictures

A few pictures from last year’s camp with captions. You can get a good view of the camp by reading the captions. Hope to see you soon @Khalsa Camp Europe 2021. #KhalsaCampEurope #KCEU2021 Bhai Tarsem Singh UK taking Hukamnama on the first day Campers enjoying the bonfire and the amazing stories about gursikhs Bhai Tarsem
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